How we work

The Polygon Loft doesn't believe porting is merely getting your game to run on console or mobile, it also ensuring that it fits to its new audience. We achieve this by first completing a market segmentation analysis of the players on your new platform and understanding how they differ from your source platform.

What are the player archetypes, do they differ from the source platform? The answer is usually yes and it is at this stage we start looking at the UI and UX to see how it needs to translate.

We applied this method to our port of Wobbledogs from PC to console. We analysed the existing UX, how controller and Joycon needs to adapt and how the design of the UI needs to translate. Check out our Wobbledogs port we did for Auroch Digital, which was a huge success -

Once we know the expectations of your new player base and how they will interact with the port we will do a deep dive technical evaluation of your code, workflow, CI/CID and technical systems which is compiled into a report.

We will then work with your company and team to find the best possible means to integrate so we can collaborate in the most effective manner possible.

Our technical team are some of the brightest and best coming from backgrounds in Mathematics, Physics, Cyber Intelligence, Aerospace and of course, games industry vets. They will optimise, adapt systems, improve framerate and automate build delivery.

In addition to this we have our own bespoke middleware called PolyPort to accelerate the porting process.

In support of this is our Production and QA team.

Whatever your game is, however complicated, we will find the solution.